Sherborn Family Dental offers treatment for a range of minor to moderate orthodontic issues through the use of clear aligners by ClearCorrect.  Clear aligners can treat a range of issues without the disadvantages of traditional braces.      

Like traditional metal braces, clear aligners can straighten your teeth to correct a range of conditions including crowding, spacing, crossbite, overbite, and underbite.  For minor to moderate conditions, the cost of treatment using clear aligners is generally equivalent or less expensive than traditional braces.  However, clear aligners enjoy several advantages over traditional braces: 

  • the aligners are nearly invisible while being worn;
  • treatment uses comfortable plastic aligners rather than metal braces, reducing irritation to your gums and cheek;
  • you can eat all the foods that you currently enjoy;
  • you can remove the clear plastic aligners when you want;
  • you can brush and floss your teeth normally; and
  • lost or broken aligners can be easily and quickly replaced at little to no additional cost.

How the process works

You and your dentist evaluate your teeth and discuss the goals you have for your smile.  Once you establish if clear aligners are the right treatment option for you, your dentist will take dental impressions, photos, and x-rays of your teeth . 

Your dentist sends those impressions, photos, and x-rays to ClearCorrect with a prescription for your custom aligners.  ClearCorrect then uses your records to create 3D models of your teeth.  Working together, your dentist and ClearCorrect map out a complete treatment plan of gradual adjustment that takes your teeth from where they are currently to where you want them to be.  Once the modeling has been completed, you will be able to preview the projected results of your treatment in a computer representation of your teeth before and after treatment.

Once you are satisfied with the projected results shown in your treatment plan, ClearCorrect fabricates your custom aligners and sends them to your dentist for delivery to you.

Wearing the Clear Aligners

You should wear your aligners all the time (22 hours per day), except while eating and drinking or during daily tooth care, such as brushing and flossing.  The aligners are so clear they are barely noticeable so they won't have an impact on your daily life.  Aligner by aligner, you will be able to see the difference as your teeth slowly adjust and align to your target smile.  You'll visit your dentist periodically for checkups to see how you are progressing.

Unlike the main invisible braces manufacturer on the market, if your teeth aren't aligning as laid out in your treatment plan, you and your dentist can make a midcourse correction to get the process back on track without any additional cost to you.  Sometimes teeth move faster or slower than planned, or the upper and lower teeth don't progress at the same rate.  This is normal and treatment can be adjusted accordingly.  In some cases your dentist will take new impressions of your teeth to adjust the treatment going forward.

You need to wear the aligners 22 hours a day, 7 days a week, for best results.  If you don't wear the aligners as prescribed, the treatment will take longer than scheduled.  The length of treatment depends on the severity of your specific case but average treatment length is about a year to a year and a half.

Similar to braces, if you move through the aligners too quickly between steps, they can cause unnecessary discomfort.  The treatment has been designed to balance patient comfort and overall treatment time.  Generally, no individual tooth will be moved more than 0.3 mm per step, and ClearCorrect recommends that each aligner be worn for three weeks until the next aligner is provided. 

Information about the Clear Aligners

The aligners are made from medical-grade polyurethane without BPA or phthalates, and have been approved by the FDA.  The aligner material has been formulated to achieve exceptional clarity and stain-resistance.  From a normal viewing distance, people will rarely notice that you are wearing clear aligners.  The aligners have a smooth surface, making them less visible and easy to clean.

Information about ClearCorrect, the Manufacturer of the Clear Aligners

ClearCorrect fabricates your custom aligners at its facility in Houston, Texas.  ClearCorrect was founded by dentists in 2006 to serve the dental and orthodontic industry by providing a superior and more affordable clear aligner system.

Next Steps

To speak with Dr. Lily Ling at Sherborn Family Dental about treatment using clear aligners, call us at (508) 545-1050 to schedule a free consultation.

Dr. Lily Ling received her DMD from Tufts Dental School and completed an advanced education in general dentistry  (AEGD) residency at UConn Health Center.

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