If you are considering whitening your teeth you have many options.  Dr. Lily Ling of Sherborn Family Dental is happy to meet with you to discuss how you can achieve your desired results.  Below are some common questions and answers regarding whitening options.

FAQ 1: How do people get their teeth so white?

Answer:  Often, veneers or crowns are how people get their teeth so white.  Bleaching products also help to whiten the appearance of teeth. For most patients over-the-counter products such as tooth pastes and rinses will not produce the desired results because the ingredients used to whiten the teeth are not held in contact with the tooth long enough to cause a noticeable change.  Custom bleaching trays made by your dental office that isolate the teeth and bleaching solution will keep the chemical in contact with the tooth producing superior results.  In-office bleaching treatments also isolate the teeth and whitening solution for the necessary time to whiten the teeth.

FAQ 2: Will bleaching my teeth damage them?

Answer:  Products purchased from your dental office are tested and safe for use according to the manufacturer's specific directions.  Products that are not sold through dental offices do not undergo the same scrutiny and are not backed by the American Dental Association.  In most cases whitening procedures performed by dental offices contain fluoride in the solution which strengthens the tooth and protects them from post-op sensitivity.

FAQ 3: Will my dental insurance cover bleaching services?

Answer:  No, in most cases whitening your teeth is considered cosmetic and not a covered benefit under your dental insurance. Occasionally flexible spending accounts may be used to pay for whitening treatments but you will need to check the terms of your employer's flexible spending account.

FAQ 4: Will whitening products lighten my existing dental work such as fillings and crowns?

Answer:  No, unfortunately fillings and ceramic restorations will not really lighten with any bleaching method.  If you are unhappy with the shade of previous dental work the only way to improve the esthetics is to replace the work or to use a veneer.

FAQ 5: If I bleach my teeth how long will they maintain the lighter shade?

Answer:  Tooth-lightening results can be effected by your diet and your daily habits (i.e., smoking, drinking staining beverages, etc). Effects can last somewhat indefinitely depending on your diet and habits. Occasional whitening touch-up procedures may be necessary to maintain your desired level of whitening.

For additional information or to schedule an appointment contact Sherborn Family Dental at (508) 545-1050.  Please check our Sherborn Family Dental blog again as we will be writing additional blog posts on specific whitening services that we offer.

Dr. Lily Ling received her DMD from Tufts Dental School and completed an advanced education in general dentistry  (AEGD) residency at UConn Health Center.

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